Amazon is a place where builders build. And they do this with a lot of freedom and responsibility. Many problems we tackle may be straightforward to solve on a single...

Vivek Ratan
Technology Leader

Amazon is a place where builders build. And they do this with a lot of freedom and responsibility. Many problems we tackle may be straightforward to solve on a single...

Venkatesh Jayaraman
Technology Leader

As a senior engineer I am working on systems of scale – scale that reflects the Amazon product selection. I have built large scale distributed systems to ensure that our customers...

Tarun Gopinath
Technology Leader

What Amazon is to me
Amazon is well-known as the world's largest e-commerce retailer. What makes working in Amazon exciting- it is a pure technology company. We believe strongly in investing in technological solutions for solving real time problems and enhancing customer experience.

An example of customer obsession at Amazon
A customer returned a camera to us after having clicked a few pictures. He had forgotten to remove the SD card before shipping the camera to Amazon. In order to ensure customer privacy (as requested by the customer), our warehouse associates removed the SD card, packed it in a box and shipped it back to our customer!

My growth trajectory so far
I entered Amazon with 8 years of IT industry experience. I have played multiple roles in project management & program management areas in financial services, public sector & knowledge domains. I had no prior retail or operations experience – I loved the retail space and wanted to discover it further.

I worked in the reverse logistics space – still a niche function in the retail industry today. This gave me the opportunity to experiment a lot, to be able to deliver best practices. This has probably been the greatest learning experience in my career so far. Amazon gave me the freedom to experiment a lot in this space even though I am based out of India (where Amazon does not have retail presence yet). I got promoted along the way and currently I also oversee transportation space.

I have also spent time working alongside associates in our fulfillment centers- something that we are encouraged to do once 2 years or so. I have also had the opportunity to partner with esteemed technology & business schools in India on diverse projects.

S. Sethuraman
Senior Software Development Manager

Amazon India today
Lots of products & systems are owned completely out of India. You own your system right from conceptualization to design to production & maintenance.

Exciting place for Engineers
Sense of ownership is something that you are bound to learn from Day 1. You work with business, propose solutions, conceptualize, design, test, implement & maintain your systems – it's a full circle. Amazon is a very dynamic company. Given the short turnaround time, we understand & see the impact of our solutions on customers right away.

Life of a SDE in Amazon
There is no hard bound schedule: you manage your own schedule. During the design phase, you work with people across teams. As an organization, we are constantly thinking of how to reduce operational burden for engineers: we have front line support teams. But as an SDE, you own your system and dealing with issues is part of the package.

Amazon is a flat company. If I want to talk to my VP, I can. If I would like to interact with a Senior Principal Engineer, I could reach out to him. It is never an overly formal setting.

Employee Innovation
Platform initiatives do not come only from business teams. Amazon Prime is a great example. The initial idea was proposed by an engineer and not a business analyst. It got rolled out in 3 months.

N. Kasat
Principal Engineer

Amazon pushing boundaries
Amazon does not care about your academic qualifications as long as you have the "smarts". I have a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras; MS & PhD in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University but I was able to apply and clear the interview for a software development engineer position. If you can write decent code, come up with good algorithms and solve problems – you will have the opportunity to work with bright minds and work on building complex scalable systems.

A snapshot of my work
We deal with tens of millions of customer transactions – while the majority of our customers are honest, we do have few instances where some customers find a way to circumvent our terms of use. In other words, they find a way to bend the rules without actually breaking them – giving us engineers a very challenging problem to deal with. My team builds systems that measures and prevents this kind of abuse.

What keeps me going?
We have internal developer conferences where we have the opportunity to present our work that is noteworthy to the larger Amazon community. It is very motivating to hear what developers across teams & centers are working on.

B.K Bala
Software Development Engineer

If I were to describe Amazon in a nutshell
We start with the customer and work backwards. We obsess over our customers. As a company, we tend to think big and encourage the spirit of innovation, invention & ownership amongst our teams. And given the extremely dynamic nature of our businesses, we value bias for action and focus on delivering quality results in a timely fashion.

About Amazon Development Centre India
Our development centers in India are growing manifold – why? Because of the rich talent pool in India. Flat organizational structure, opportunities to work on solving complex technological and business problems makes Amazon a challenging & interesting work place. There is no dearth of possibilities – we encourage all our employees across teams, business & geographies to think like owners.

World Wide Operations at Amazon Hyderabad
If you take a look at the selection on, you can see that it's huge - you can order anything from electronics, jewelry, grocery, sports gear to home improvement tools. WW Ops is committed to ensure that the immense selection is backed by world-class operations that ensure timely delivery of every customer order. The wide selection, world-wide customer base, complex business constraints and high volume make the optimization and operations very challenging problems to solve.

J. Valliyur

Growth trajectory
I joined Amazon in 2007 as a TPPM (Technical Product & Program Manager) which had both software development & product management elements attached to it. Even though I come from a technical background (Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University, Bachelor's degree from Georgia Tech), the business side to things appealed more to me. I decided to transition into a full-fledged Product Manager role.

Some stuff I have worked on
Right from conceptualization, design & delivery of Amazon Widgets: rich, interactive displays that bring functionality to your website. I have also been closely involved in launching an array of widgets including MP3 Clips, Carousel, Search and more. Complete ownership while shaping these products has been a highly empowering experience for me.

Z. Khan
Senior Marketing Manager

How my team's work impacts customer experience
Tens of thousands of bloggers are out there: if one of them wants his blog made available for Kindle readers, he can go our website & register. Newspapers are delivered automatically and wirelessly to your Kindle, so it's waiting for you to read first thing in the morning. Kindle makes it easy to take your personal documents with you, eliminating the need to print. My team works on content ingestion/publishing for Kindle (e-book reader from Amazon). We take content publishers & authors in different formats (.doc, html, pdf etc) and convert the content into Kindle compatible format. Our goal is to have every possible book in our online catalogue.

My career so far...
I joined Amazon 2 and half years ago as a Software Development Engineer (SDE). After a year promoted to SDE II – after which I decided to take the management route, so I was a Software Development Manager for a year or so. That was not exactly my calling, so I decided to get become an individual contributor again, and continued working as a software development engineer for another year. I then got promoted to a senior software development engineer and I hope to become a Principal Engineer in the future.

V. Kancharla
Senior Software Development Engineer

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