About Us

26000 employees. 194 countries. Our secret of success, if you will, is something so simple, so pure and yet so powerful. It’s our Purpose- “Caring for Life”. It inspires us to find innovative solutions to patients’ unmet needs and forms the core of how we do business. It propels us to create value to the communities that we serve and we’ve been recognized aplenty for this–“Pharma Company of the Year”, “Excellence in Rural Reach” are  just a few prestigious awards we have bagged. But what makes us truly smile? When our employees reach for the stars. And we do our bit to take them there-encouraging them to take up opportunities across our global offices, creating a challenging work environment and most importantly, standing by them, no matter what!  So has our purpose begun to resonate with yours? Next step. Hit the button below!

The world around you is changing faster than you can imagine. To thrive in the long term and not just survive in the short term, you need to be different from the crowd. Where others evade responsibility, you must embrace it. Where others shy away from the getting their hands dirty with good old hard work, you must roll up your sleeves and take charge. Where others are happy to pass on the buck, you must come forward and take ownership to get the job done.  And that’s how you make a difference. To not just your team and the company, but to the global ecosystem of patients we serve. You help double the impact we can have on them and change their lives forever. And as if that wasn’t a lofty enough reason to join, you also get to work with an incredibly smart, young and (fun!) bunch of people, across 6 continents. Combined with state of the art facilities and a slew of employee benefits, we think you will truly feel that joining us is the most rewarding decision you will ever make. Go on, hit the button below.

At Cipla, innovation is not just the bed-rock of our financial success. It’s what has helped us etch a permanent place in the hearts of the communities we serve. Long before it became a la mode to be an innovative company-we came up with our truly life-changing drug cocktail for AIDS-because we truly believed that we could change the world. And we did. The rest of course is history.  But we don’t rest on our past laurels. We are forever looking for newer opportunities to help the patients whose lives we seek to improve for the better. To do that, we are on the lookout for people for whom innovation is a way of life. People who want to disrupt the status quo, people who want to put in place systems and processes that work faster and better. People who are equally hungry for success and willing to learn from failure. People who can help us co-create solutions for unmet patient needs, thereby doubling the impact our impact on the global patient ecosystem.  Are we looking for “you”? Find out more below.

Becoming the best at what you do is not easy. But it’s a lot easier for us than the others. Because we don’t settle for “average”. Every day we push ourselves to find the most sustainable solutions to the world’s most complex problems in healthcare. We relentlessly benchmark with the global best practices to find simpler and smarter ways of doing things and thereby create value for the patient communities we serve. We recognize that our employees possess infinite passion and potential. A burning desire to help Cipla become among the fastest growing companies in the emerging markets, as we seek to fulfil our mission of “Caring for Life”. And what do we do to ensure that the flame for growth continues to shine bright? We continuously engage with our 26000 people strong employee community, spread across our global offices, co-creating and implementing policies and processes in the organization that makes us an “Employer of Choice”.  It is our endeavor to make Cipla a purposeful, energetic, fun and happy workplace. After all, “Caring for Life” holds true for our employees too!

Doing the right thing. Not because we’re being watched but because it’s the right thing to do. Saying what we will do and doing just what we say-that’s the hallmark of the trust and integrity at Cipla. That’s also the magic glue that binds our 26000-strong employee fraternity together. The trust reposed in our leadership and in our teams, that’s what helps our long yet unbelievably fulfilling quest for growth and impact so easy. Our purpose of “Caring for Life” is a truly noble one. Not all can take this journey-it’s not for the faint hearted. It requires one to be honest and courageous, even when it’s not smooth sailing. But you know that if it’s the right thing to do, the organization has got your back.