We are committed to being a recruitment partner …… not just another recruitment firm.

We believe that every organization deserves the talent and solutions that enable their business to achieve desired results. Our objective is to be the solution to both the organization and the candidate in providing them with the best opportunity to achieve those desired results and goals. Our success comes by treating our employers like partners and going the extra mile to help them fill the position with more than just a “body”, but with the right employee to add to their successful team.

Our comprehensive service offerings for Domestic & International markets includes,

Contingency Search : A contingency search may be used for ongoing openings. There is no obligation or upfront cost. This is the easiest way to begin a search. Payment is due when a candidate who has been presented to your company has been hired.

Retained Search : The retainer option is used primarily when a position must be filled within a specific period of time. This method is used for executive and key positions. It is also useful for confidential searches and for very difficult positions to fill. Candidates are presented to you on an exclusive basis.

RPO : Recruitments solutions can be designed, built and managed as per the organizations requirement to win the war of talent and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Clarity Consulting operates in the following specialty areas:
» Management Consulting
» Legal
» Intellectual Property
» Outsourcing & Offshoring
» Banking & Financial Services
» Accounting & Finance
» Supply Chain & Logistics
» Research & Analytics
» Marketing & Advertising
» Administrative & Facilities
» HR
» Engineering & Technical
» Oil & gas

Recruitment Process

1. Employer Requirements : Developing a thorough job description is vital to a successful search. It is critical to amass as much information as possible to successfully match the right candidate with the right position. In order to find the perfect candidate, a precise account of the position and its requirements must be available from our employers.

2. Research : Our detailed analysis of your industry, company, competitors and marketplace will allow us to develop a winning game plan together.

3. Identification : We will identify the best potential candidate for the search based on your needs and research. We will evaluate and identify candidates extensively through our ongoing recruitment efforts and our referral sources. We enact all recruiting efforts, to include web marketing by posting our customers’ openings in a variety of sites and networks for maximum exposure, as well as, direct recruiting based on the information provided.

4. Reference Checks : This is a critical and valuable process which we are committed to execute. Candidate references verify information on the candidate’s resume but most importantly amplify its content which is just as crucial in the decision making process of the prospective employer.

5. Presentation : Once we have completed a thorough evaluation and our candidates meets our employers’ needs and goals, we will provide our employers with a summary of the most qualified candidates for their review. We review employer requirements with candidates, making sure the candidate understands the employer organization, needs and goals. We ensure that there is a “fit” on many different levels.

6. Negotiation : Our team’s practice of open communication with both our employers and our candidates ensures a high rate of placements and acceptances.

7. Follow-up : Our partnership does not end when the placement is made. Our onboarding process ensures both employer and candidate satisfaction through scheduled feedback and continual communication.