About Us

Reputation for excellence

Backed by Elico Limited, with an enviable reputation of five decades of pioneering achievements, stability and business excellence as a manufacturer of laboratory analytical instruments, Elico Healthcare Services is providing back office healthcare processing support for its business partners, and fine tuning the medical billing workflow and processes for over ten years.
Elico has great customer references and a fine team of both management and billing experts who constantly strive to deliver strategic value for our clients, in addition to significant time and cost reductions. We process over one million claims per year, offering our clients savings of up to 30%. Our clients profit from our high degree of accuracy, Turn Around times and reduced denials of over 85%. Net collection rates have gone up significantly by over 95%.

We believe in collaborative, long-term business relationships that evolve and grow stronger over time. Our clients have grown with us since inception and are scaling up their operations every year. Some have entered into multi-year contracts which reflect their trust in our quality and reliable performance and offer potential savings that significantly increase their profitability by over 15%.

Healthcare services: Customer-centered solutions

Elico offers back-office support services and cater to the requirements of Hospitals and Physician Groups, Billing Companies, Credentialing and Contracting Agencies with services that cover Transaction processing, Accounts Receivable Management and Analytical Services.

The quality advantage

Elico offers reliability and consistent quality through its ISO 9001:2000 certified and HIPAA compliant processes. We are building on the sound framework of ISO to further improve quality. We are initiating Six Sigma methodology to “Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control” processes and performance with the goal of refining and improving existing parameters and increasing customer satisfaction by significantly reducing defects or errors.