Our User's Says


  • Heini ZachariassenCEO, Vivino

    “We’re a growth company, so everything from invoice to payments will grow rapidly. As a Scandinavian company expanding to the US, I rely heavily on references. I looked at a couple of other providers, but Escalon’s reference moved me over.”

  • Lloyd Martin Corporate Controller, Trulia

    “We are so happy with the results that when we had problems in HR and our order-to-cash area, we brought in Escalon to help us assess and implement a solution. Now Escalon is supporting us in everything I do in the back office.”

  • Stina Ehrensvard CEO, Yubico

    “We’ve made it easy for millions of users to protect their identity. I expect my vendors to have a similar “this is important; get it done right” mindset. Escalon started with our invoicing and expanded to doing HR, benefits and more. Everything runs smoothly, like it should.”

  • Davin T. Miyoshi Co-founder, Actionably

    “Over the last 20 years, I’ve successfully exited multiple leading start-ups as well as driven growth at global public companies. I appreciate Escalon’s nearly aggressive dedication to efficiency. I need to do business with someone who 'gets' serial entrepreneurs.”

  • Aaron Noveshen Founder, Culinary Edge

    “I talked to a few companies and thought Escalon would be a good fit for our needs - we could grow with them. They provide good controller services and are helping us create a process that’s functional within our business. I learned through experience how rational and process-oriented they are.”

  • Etai Beck Co-founder/CEO, Folloze

    “I was delighted to discover their CFO and controller services. We help our clients close deals by using engagement analytics. Escalon captured our respect by helping us analyze our own metrics and suggesting ways to improve our process.”

  • Lasse Andresen Co-founder/CTO, Forgerock

    “Running a multinational company devoted to identity management and security, I know it’s critical to trust the company that handles your numbers. I appreciate Escalon’s transparency with payroll and accounting and their ability to keep up with us as we grow.”

  • Riaz Taplin Owner, Artthaus

    “Escalon is my single point of contact for all my accounting, invoicing and taxes. My business has grown significantly in the last few years and I appreciate having someone I can trust advise me on tax and other issues.”