Life at GSPANN

Embracing and rewarding diversity that nurtures inclusion and innovation

Working with GSPANN goes beyond just making the ends meet. We encourage true collaborative spirit, empowering employees to partake in activities that nurture their personal and professional growth.

Annual Events
GSPANN is a key sponsor at various annual global events, such as Adobe Summit, National Retail Federation, etc. Grab the opportunity to connect with some noteworthy brands and learn from some of the most influential names in the industry.

Rewards and Recognitions
We never fail to recognize true potential. Get recognized and rewarded for your innovative ideas and hard work that brings value to our clients and your team. We believe in drawing strength from our diversity.

Recreational Activities
GSPANN organizes fun activities that allow employees to bond with each other. Such activities include talent shows, impromptu quizzes, team-based activities, festival celebrations, etc.

Contribution to Society
GSPANN continually conducts CSR activities to build healthy communities using thoughtful and practical ways by offering protective hands to the children of fate and elders in need.

Brainstorming Events
We conduct intensive brainstorming events that will allow you to collaborate with excellent technical minds in the company. Ideathon offers one such platform where you can innovate, ideate, and engage with teams to diagnose predefined problems and give the most viable solution.

Health and Wellness
At GSPANN, we prioritize the health and wellness of all our employees. We continually call experts to help the employees deal with emotional burnout or manage stress in a healthy manner. To ensure the safety of women, our internal POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) group addresses the women of GSPANN at regular intervals.

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