About Us

GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO) is one of Asia’s leading Discovery Research and Development organizations. GVK BIO provides a broad spectrum of services, across the R&D and manufacturing value chain with a focus on speed and quality. GVK BIO capabilities include Collaborative Research, Discovery Services, Clinical Development, Contract Manufacturing, Formulations and Informatics. GVK BIO’s 2400 employees serve a diverse and global customer base of more than 300 satisfied customers.

GVK BIO is part of the GVK Group, India’s largest infrastructure developer, with wide experience and expertise spanning areas such as Energy, Resources, Airports, Transportation, Hospitality and Lifesciences.

Armed with this support, GVK BIO has today joined the ranks of India’s premier CROs, providing an integrated platform for research services across the Pharma R&D value chain.

At GVK BIO, we share the vision of being a global leader in life-science services. This, we intend to achieve by working together towards the common goal of delivering the best-in-class value-added scientific services across the spectrum.

Be a global leader in life-sciences services.

Deliver value-added scientific services with speed and quality.

Value ‘CIRCLe’

Customer Focus – Change ‘expected’ to ‘exceptional’

  • Once a customer, forever a client – we strive towards this, by exceeding expectations through innovative solutions.

Integrity – Integrity is integral

  • We are committed to business and scientific integrity. We are an open, fair, honest and transparent company. And ensure client confidentiality, always.

Respect – Give to get

  • Give respect before you expect it. We have immense respect for individuals, property and timelines.

Commit to Excel – In every act and deed

  • We are committed to deliver only the best, always. Relentlessly and continuously we strive to improve ourselves and our solutions.

Teamwork and Leadership – Team first

  • We work together and win together. We have chosen the path of collective effort to be the leader in our chosen field.


The GVK BIO Experience

When you work at GVK BIO, you are performing more than ‘just a job’. You are here to learn, experience, contribute, grow and build a career. You are here to share knowledge and gain from new insights. You are with a company which has chosen to be more than just an ordinary company. You are with GVK BIO, where the way of life encompasses learning as much as working.

We believe that to achieve our aspirations, we need to give you, our employee, freedom and direction. We aspire to be the global leader in life-sciences and you, GVK BIOite will make it possible.

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