NiranjanNiranjan Dronadri (Projects)

Journey with HTC has paved way in exploring and contributing my knowledge for many projects. HTC has always given me opportunities to grow and take complete ownership of the work i do. HTC is a unique company where alchemy of the growth, freedom, professionalism and team work are expressed in highest order. Complete potential of a professional can be demonstrated and subsequent growth in the organisation is secured.

HTC is a process driven organization which provides immense learning opportunities. Client focus and ‘We Can’ attitude is part of the organizational culture. HTC encourages young and energetic minds and gives them an opportunity to deliver under a space conducive to communication & motivation. Open to new ideas and rolling them on, the company thrives on its experienced resources who in turn are responsible for its growth and profitability. My experience has been an enriching one with lots of learning and it has not only helped me to grow professionally but has made a great impact personally and I am happy to be part of HTC.

karthikeyanKarthikeyen Thambaiah (Projects)

I started working in HTC US from the latter half of 1999. When I decided to move back to India after about 11 years, I decided to stay with HTC as I liked the company. There are numerous things to talk about the company as a whole, but one of the strengths I would like to talk about is the retention of employees. This is proof of the quality of the work environment.

There is transparency in the processes followed and this helps things happen on time for the employees. In turn, our resources provide quality products to the customer and keep them happy. Our resources show maturity and responsibility in getting the work done. Our strength is the ownership on the tasks taken by the resources assigned to them. I’m indeed happy to be a part of HTC and wish the organization the very best of everything in all its endeavors.

rajanRajan DV (Projects)

I joined HTC as a Developer after I completed my Engineering. The growth path spreading over 9 years from a Developer to a Manager has been full of challenges and learning. The exposure that I have gained here has been immense! Handling projects with multiple deliveries, managing the teams and retaining the stability of the project have all helped me mature as a professional. HTC has given me space to grow and experiment my technical skills. My communication and leadership skills, too have come a full circle during my tenure here. Contributing to my company’s roadmap of growth and striving hard to achieve more, I hope this journey never ends.

bhaskarBhaskar Subramanian (Marketing)

My dreams about job satisfaction, cultured work environment, friendly atmosphere were fulfilled when I joined HTC during April 2004. HTC is the right organization for those who believe in professionalism, team work and freedom of work. This company has given me supportive teammates, friendly colleagues, and encouraging seniors. Further everyday learning at HTC enhances my knowledge level, and tunes me to face day-to-day challenges.

I enjoy my association with the marketing team and feel proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization that has great values – simplicity, honesty and humility.

jayasreeJayasree (Training)

I joined the HTC family in May 1997, with very limited skills and much like an uncarved piece of rock and underwent a silent metamorphosis into what I am today. This was made possible by the unfailing support and encouragement given by my mentors in the organization and to them and the organization I owe my heartfelt gratitude. The immense trust that has been reposed in me has motivated me to take complete ownership of the tasks assigned and deliver them to the best of my ability. I pray that HTC grows from strength to strength and that my association with all of you continues for a long time.

dharaDhara Pathak (Finance)

My journey with HTC started in March 2005 and I am proud to be an HTCian. HTC is a great place to work. It has provided me immense opportunities to learn, perform and grow. It has given me the right environment and encouragement to opt for challenging roles across various functions. Here, I have not only enhanced my knowledge and capability to perform but have also gained confidence and courage to deliver my best. What makes HTC interesting is the open, friendly and stress free atmosphere, which is very inspiring and motivating. Here, I have grown professionally and personally.

I am thankful to the organization for providing me the opportunity to learn various new things and I must appreciate the camaraderie and cooperation shown by one and all in bringing out the best in me.

rameshkrishnanRameshkrishnan (Projects)

I joined HTC in February 2003, HTC gives me immense feeling of satisfaction and joy of work. People here are very co-operative and knowledgeable. For me, it has been a place where we learn lots of things that link our IT knowledge with the practical environment. The trust that my seniors had in me gave me a lot of confidence to face the professional challenges. Overall, I would say that HTC did go a long way to hone my skills and make me a thorough professional.

arunvcArun Kumar V C (SAP)

My tryst with HTC started in May 2009. I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this great organization! Just as a flower blooms to its full splendor, I believe that HTC gives ample opportunities for employees to bloom to their full potential. Freedom to express, freedom at work, close professional relationships in a great, friendly working atmosphere – this is how I have known HTC! I see a lot of talent, enthusiasm and passion all around. I am privileged to be part of this organization, to be in the midst of great colleagues and a great environment. We should continue to show the same passion and develop a strong sense of ownership in all that we do to take HTC to greater heights.

ShanavasShanavas Parambath (Projects)

I joined HTC in January 2006. HTC has given me a lot of opportunities to work in many domestic and international projects. For me the main motivating factor in HTC is the friendly culture and the freedom I enjoy. The trust that my seniors have in me makes me very confident. Here everyone is easily approachable; we can express our needs and concerns to anyone without any issue. Thanks to all my colleagues who support me.

rajalakshmiRajalakshmi C (Finance)

I am with HTC since October 1995 and the experience and happiness that I have gained cannot be expressed in writing. I am proud to say that being one of the first employees of HTC I have witnessed the growth of our organization right from a very early stage. My tenure in HTC has been one of enjoyment and lot of learning. In all these years I have never thought or wished to travel abroad either personally or officially, but HTC provided this opportunity and I had the privilege to visit our US office on a business assignment. I’m really blessed and happy to be a part of the HTC family.