Innovaccer’s proprietary integration & analysis engine activates the data our industry has worked so hard to collect. It cleans, aggregates, and delivers insights when physicians need it most—at the moment of care.

This revolutionary technology streams rich analytics with custom insights and dashboards, automates workflows, provides real-time decisions for care teams, and point-of-care alerts—actionable intelligence without leaving the EHR experience.

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By combining claims and clinical data, Innovaccer will provide UniNet the ability to produce timely reporting and actionable analytics to assist the providers to better understand and meet the needs of the patients we serve.

Ann OasanPresident, UniNet

Mercy ACO now has the data we need to clinically integrate and manage over 300,000 patients in value-based contracts.

Dr. David SwieskowskiPresident, Mercy ACO

Having access to timely data allows our care team the opportunity to intervene in real time rather than depend on claims-based information that occurred days, weeks or months prior

Derek Novak Vice President and COO, Mercy ACO, Iowa

Inmediata Health Group provides software and services to over 10,000 customers in the healthcare market. Inmediata supports providers in Puerto Rico, which is the market with the highest penetration of managed care in the United States. Inmediata leverages Innovaccer’s population health analytics and care management platform to support its care coordination service to primary care physicians with Medicare Advantage patients. These physicians are typically capitated under risk arrangements with quality incentives. Combining Inmediata’s significant cache of financial and clinical data with the Innovaccer’s solution, has allowed us to make real improvements in PCP’s Star ratings and MLR.

Mark W. RiegerPresident and CEO, Inmediata Health Group

We have used other systems that required our team months of prep work to get data formatted and ingested into their system. Innovaccer has cut that down to a couple of weeks. We were never able to integrate clinical data. The ability to aggregate clinical and claims data is a game changer for us. Having a dedicated account manager from Innovaccer onsite to answer questions, help us better understand the system, and generate reports has helped us rapidly get up in running.

Dr. Henry Sakowski CMO, UniNet

Leveraging Innovaccer’s healthcare data platform has transformed the way we think about care delivery in our network. The ability to, for the first time, ingest and analyze data from all these sources allows us to drive substantially better outcomes and cost savings. While many vendors have promised to deliver a healthcare data platform, Innovaccer actually met the challenge on time and on budget.

Richard Shirey Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Hartford HealthCare

Innovaccer adds a powerful piece to the suite of solutions that Inmediata currently offers providers to make them more successful in the new value-based economy. Inmediata can now combine its access to enormous amounts of health information with Innovaccer’s ability to simplify the provider’s population health workload.

Mark W. RiegerPresident and CEO, Inmediata Health Group

Innovaccer has demonstrated a unique ability to aggregate and normalize data from multiple billing and clinical sources into an accessible data warehouse. They worked with us to develop the user interfaces and analytics to fit our specific needs to report actionable information from the statewide level to the individual physician level. Mercy ACO now has the data we need to clinically integrate and manage over 300,000 patients in value based contracts.

Dr. David Swieskowski President, Mercy ACO

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