About Us

Jade Global is a premier Advisory, Integration, Testing, Cloud & Consulting Services, Business Solutions and IT Outsourcing company that services clients across multiple technology platforms. It is headquartered in San Jose, California with office in Irvine, US; Berkshire, UK and Pune, Hyderabad & Noida in India. With more than 600 employees worldwide, Jade Global is a trusted partner of choice to its clients. Jade Global’s team of experts successfully deliver business and technology solutions across diverse industries to drive our customers’ long term growth and success.

We deliver value to our clients in many ways:

  • Our experienced consultants understand current business challenges and how they are likely to manifest in a rapidly changing environment.
  • We put our clients’ interests first and do not hesitate to offer our candid opinions about solution design or implementation aspects.
  • We service smaller clients with the same dedication that goes into servicing our multi-billion dollar clients.
  • Our proprietary process accelerators are born out of our rich and diverse experience in implementing and integrating enterprise systems; these tools help compress the time required for our clients to realizing tangible benefits.
  • We are flexible about how we engage – we do not seek to lock our clients into expensive, multi-year contracts.

Jade Global is well-positioned to be your strategic IT services partner for enterprise business application implementations and software product engineering. We understand business challenges across several domains and bring to bear the right combination of process knowledge, product expertise, technical skills, project management expertise and flexible delivery models to be the ideal partner for engagements.

How we believe we’re different (and our clients agree!):

  • Certainty of outcome – Experiences gained in similar other engagements guarantee not just timely delivery but also targeted business results.
  • Better anticipation & implementation – Our superior ability to anticipate needs and plan for contingencies leads to better implementation results.
  • Trusted advisors – Our services are backed by expertise in multiple industries and technologies. We know the pitfalls that beset most implementations. Our clients appreciate our objective, well-reasoned advice and not just a service provider.
  • Cost effectiveness & flexibility – We leverage our global solution centres and reusable components to lower the total cost of ownership of systems for our clients. Our size gives us the flexibility to adapt and respond to business needs and handle fluctuating workloads with minimum disruptions.
  • Knowledge assets – Our industry-specific solutions have evolved over several client engagements and enable us to tangibly compress the implementation process, thus saving our clients time and money.

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