About Us

What We Are
At MEIL, we are inspired by the belief that the road ahead is as long as we want to make it. With industry-leading expertise, best practice and highly experienced professionals on our side, it took us just two decades to establish a respectable market space in the engineering sector. And then, a futuristic vision ensured that we stepped into the infrastructure space as a forward integration move. Today, we are an engineering & infrastructure company with strong and proven design, develoment and delivery credentials across industries including Irrigation, Hydrocarbons and Industrial Infrastructure. Our comprehensive backward integration plan makes us a one-stop solution proider for various industries, as this enables us to not just deliver within time and budget, but also to customize solutions.

The consistently increasing net worth of MEIL, and the managemetn policy of regular investment in sohisticated equipment as a backward integration move have enabled the company to bid for larger orders and significantly increase its average order size year on year.

From the MD’s desk
The following excerpt is an outline of a recent interview given by Mr. Krishna Reddy that was telecasted on CNBC channel.

The Managing Director of MEIL shed light on the operational activities of the company by stating that the order bookings in each state average between Rs. 400 crore to Rs. 5000 crore. Until recently, 60% -70% of the projects were executed majorly in Andhra Pradesh. A major chunk of these projects were in the areas of irrigation and water management. Over the last 2-3 years, the company has expanded its activities across various locations in India. In every state, the revenues MEIL generates vary from Rs.50 crore to Rs. 500 crore. Recently the company bagged a project in Madhya Pradesh worth Rs. 500 crore – Rs. 600 crore, and another project in Gujarat worth Rs.700 crore – Rs. 800 crore. MEIL is bidding for jobs worth Rs.6000 crore to Rs.7000 crore for future prospects.

Mr. Krishna Reddy reiterated the point about the humble beginnings of the company. With regards to future plans, he made a special mention about the company’s plan to diversify as a developer for roads and infrastructure on BOT basis. In the area of power generation, MEIL is planning to take over a company. However the real focus is directed towards power transmission.

With regards to the future prospects of the Hyderabad-based organization, Mr. Reddy pointed out about the group’s interest to put ‘diversification’ as the top priority. As a part of this plan, the management is eager to invest more in green power, especially solar power.

Our Core Values

Respect for people
We respect every employee and strive to provide an interesting and inclusive environment where they can express their enthusiasm and realise their full potential.

Belief in Partnerships
We mobilize the power of teaming to deliver exceptional products and services to our clients anywhere in the world.

Passion for Growth
We firmly believe that the fittest survive by changing and evolving. We have always strived to outperform ourselves and evolve continuously to become stronger and robust.

Building Excellence
We are building a team to take the baton forward to newer destinations by quickly emerging as a name to look out for in the engineering and infrastructure space, respected greatly on virtue of its engineering excellence.

Business integrity
We are proud to stand by integrity in all our dealings and follow the highest standards of business ethics.


every work is a motivation,
every challenge is an inspiration and
every achievement is a stepping stone for the next loftier goal.