Life at MSN

MSN Group is an innovative and focused company that demands high performance standards from its employees. Powered by the experience of its team members, selected from diverse backgrounds, MSN Group has a strong team of committed employees handling a wide variety of operations.

MSN Group manufactures and exports world class API’s and intermediates and has emerged as a cohesive and well-integrated Pharmaceutical company where sustained value can be created, facilitating the promotion of health and wellness.

MSN Group treats its human resource as its most valuable asset and offers a congenial, creative and knowledge-driven work environment that supports and enhances growth and career opportunities in all aspects of Pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and marketing as well as in corporate support services and overall business development. We take an integrated view of structures, competencies, tasks and processes and link all these to our long-term goals. Our performance management systems focus on performance, meritocracy, equity and the upholding of company values. We keep our work environment simple, informal and flexible with a strong emphasis on human values. We value ideas and give people the space to execute them. We keep our people intellectually stimulated and give them the freedom to take their own decisions. And the responsibility to make MSN grow through innovation and experimentation We are always looking for people with determination and a strong sense of commitment who are ready to take on the world. We are looking for people who race against time, keep their cool and enjoy their work.

We are known for our employee-friendly culture providing a friendly work environment that stimulates innovative ideas to foster growth and value addition. Our employees are presented with huge opportunities for skill development. We welcome your queries and suggestions do write in to us on for more details.