Mylan in India

Mylan’s history in India began in 2007 with the acquisition of Matrix Laboratories Limited. The deal transformed Mylan overnight into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and allowed us to vertically integrate the production of our Oral Solid Dose (OSD) medicines.

Today, Mylan has 47 manufacturing facilities, 19 of which are located in India. Those 19 facilities include all eight API facilities, six OSD facilities and five injectables facilities, which manufacture our high-quality medicines for markets all over the world. Mylan applies one global quality standard to all of our medications regardless of where they are produced.

Our manufacturing capabilities in India include a range of dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules and injectables, in a wide variety of therapeutic categories. Our commercial businesses based in India market high quality API to third parties around the world and antiretroviral (ARV) products for people living with HIV/AIDS. In fact, 50% of our API manufacturing capacity is dedicated to ARVs all of which are manufactured in India.

Mylan has a growing commercial presence as well. Our current franchises include Critical Care, Virology, Onco Care and Women’s Healthcare. Mylan’s presence in India goes beyond manufacturing, sales and marketing. Hyderabad is home to one of Mylan’s two state-of-the-art R&D centres of excellence. The centre is fully integrated with the company’s global R&D function, with a unique and efficient, round-the-clock research, development, clinical and regulatory capability.

Our Values

We are unconventional, visionary and bold. We “connect the dots” others overlook. We see possibilities and bring them to life. We love to challenge the status quo and introduce new and better ways to help people everywhere enjoy a higher quality of life. Having the courage to be a force for constructive change is in our DNA.

Doing what’s right is sacred to us. We behave responsibly, even when nobody’s looking. We set high standards from which we never back down. This uncompromising ethical stance helps to keep our products pure, our workers safe and the environment clean.

Dependable. Reliable. Call it what you will, we’ve made it a habit. We strive to be there through thick and thin, rain or shine, delivering on every promise, every time. That’s why people around the corner and across the world count on Mylan.

We understand that “it’s not about us”-it’s about helping others-and we believe there’s no situation we can’t handle. We would do whatever it takes, work ‘round the clock, cross any river and spare no effort-all to meet someone’s need. We wrap our high quality products in high quality service.

Together, we can run faster, reach higher and achieve more than any one of us can alone. We relish opportunities to collaborate because it’s invigorating, enlightening and powerful. When we join forces and plow through boundaries, we move mountains.

Mylan at a Glance

1961: Year founded
in White Sulphur Springs,
West Virginia, U.S.
~7 billion: People we
work to provide with
access to high quality
>165: Countries and
territories in which our
products are sold
>7,500: Separate
products currently being
80 billion:Oral solid
dose capacity
>35,000: Workforce

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