Life at Mylan

Our mission is at the core of everything we do – regardless of whether you’re the company’s CEO or a new hire right out of school.
It’s what we’re all about and it serves as the foundation for all that we do around the globe to make better health for a better world.

We have a unique entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic. We work as a team, one in which there are few boundaries.


Mylan: An unstoppable workforce that is unconventional.

The culture at Mylan is unlike that of any other company. Because Mylan is unlike any other company. We challenge every member
of every team to challenge the status quo. Embrace change. And drive the business forward with passion and commitment.
We do it through values founded on our commitment to provide access to high quality medicine to people all over the world.


We’re constantly sparked by
the urge to make a difference.


We do what’s right,
not what’s easy.


We’ll each do our part every day
to provide 7 billion people
access to the medicine they deserve.


In a world full of watchers,
we’re doers. And together we
can do anything.

Leadership at Work

Mylan Management: Leading by example.

Everyone is a leader at Mylan. Each employee is asked to define their role in moving our mission forward and to Lead, Learn, Teach and Perform every day with the right Attitude. Our senior team leads by example and sets high standards for us to follow a challenge we are happy to meet.

Guided by the principles of our mission, our senior leaders have been relentless in their desire to break down the barriers that impede the progress of providing all 7 billion of us access to quality medicine, and to ultimately change the world. The example they set is your platform to making your mark, making a difference and making better health for a better world a reality.

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