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The Piramal Group is a diversified conglomerate with operations in over 30 countries and brand-presence across 100 markets around the world. Since the late 1980s, the Piramal Group has evolved from a textile-centric business to a diversified pharmaceutical-based global organisation. The Piramal Group operates across sectors such as healthcare, life sciences, drug discovery, healthcare information management, financial services, specialty glass packaging and real estate.
As a Group we have consistently identified opportunities ahead of the curve, even when market situations suggest the opposite. We invested in the domestic formulations business when others were focused on growing international generics. Our persistence paid off when a deal with Abbott in 2010 valued our business at USD 3.72 billion, an unprecedented 9x sales and 30x EBITDA.
Over the past two decades, our Group transformed itself into one of India’s top five pharmaceutical companies as of 2010. We have consistently focused on growth and today are ranked amongst the leading business conglomerates in India. The approach has been both organic and inorganic growth. We have built solid global partnerships to augment our presence in certain markets and continue to focus on core businesses by consistently investing in them.
The Piramal Group’s balance sheet today is in excess of USD 3 billion and over 70 percent of the revenues are generated from outside India. We are home to a team of over 7,500 people from around the world and at any time have over 21 nationalities working with us.
Our philanthropic arm, Piramal Foundation, runs projects across healthcare, education, livelihood creation and youth empowerment. Projects like Piramal Water (Sarvajal) and e-Swasthya are now Harvard Business School Case Studies.

The Piramal Group

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