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Pranav Construction Systems Pvt. Ltd.is a Leading solution provider for formwork, launching, scaffolding, staging, shuttering, tunneling & construction equipment, Decking, Column.& also design and manufacturing engineered products for the construction industry in Mumbai India.

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About Pranav Logo

Pranav is one of the names of Lord Shiva, the preserver of this universe. Pranav means ‘the rising sun’ and in Sanskrit it means ‘praise’ or ‘salutation’.

The logo of Pranav has gone through steady changes over a long period of 19 years to attain its present status.It has metamorphosed from a simple triangle to a pyramid with a gradual, tapering ascent. The shape of a pyramid conveys the founder’s philosophy of life and work which is that “the stronger and wider the base is, the taller you grow”. The height of the pyramid is taller than the width of the base by 0.025 %, signifying a higher growth in comparison to resources deployed and the foundation laid.This, in turn, signifies that Pranav has grown in a decisively sustained manner.Pranav has achieved progressive success and it continues to show prudent and strong upward trajectory.

The base below the triangle signifies a solid foundation on which the pyramid of the organisation rests. It is slightly risen from the left to the right by 0.5% as a sign of growth. The name Pranav is written in bold, Arial font to bring forth its clear character and its quality of being assertive.

The colour red symbolises the sun, power, purity, fertility, fire, aggression, happiness and prosperity. Red also symbolises life itself with its passions, energy and excitement. The colour black symbolises elegance and rejuvenation.


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