Our Ideology

Ideology-customers build businesses

At PRINCE PIPES AND FITTINGS LTD., our prime focus is customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are committed to meet their needs and expectations by offering a wide range of products and delivering quality within stipulated time. We strive to achieve this through:

Prince Quality Policy
• Manufacturing process to achieve zero-defect products
• Timely dispatch
• Effective communication with customers
• Ensuring employees satisfaction at all levels through motivation

Quality Management Systems
Quality Management Systems Perfection is an art mastered over time
As a company we are known for our quality products. Therefore, each product is subjected to a demanding quality control procedure to make sure that they conform to Indian as well as International standards.

In addition we have adopted latest manufacturing techniques such as KAZEN, JIT AND TQM to ensure compliance during each stage of manufacturing.

We are also licensed to use the ISI mark on our products apart from the ISO 90001:2008 certification.

Laurels – A tiny measure of our success
Constant innovation, continuous improvement and a will to try and better our best has helped us gain recognition within the industry and beyond.

‘Top Exporter of the year’ award from Plastics and Linoleums Export Promotion Council presented by Hon’ble DR. P. Chidambaram.

‘Outstanding Quality Contribution in Pipe Sector’ award presented by Bloomberg EPC World – 2010 .

‘Top Exporter of the Year’ from Plastics and Linolenums Export Promotion Concil presented by Hon’ble Shri Sushilkumar Shinde.

Emergence and Expansion of PRINCE PIPES AND FITTINGS LTD. PVT. LTD.:

In 1970, the Chheda brothers commenced manufacturing plastic household products like buckets under the banner of PRINCE; while Mr. Jayant Chheda, Chairman and Managing Director of PRINCE PIPES AND FITTINGS LTD., continued in electroplating business. Mr. Chheda started taking care of the unit independently. Gradually, the business started showing progress and the turnover rose from Rs.30,000/- per month to Rs.1,00,000 per month.

However, in 1980, peeping through the demand for Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Products in future Mr. Chheda decided to venture into it as demand for PVC products was high.

In 13th November, 1987, Mr. Chheda raised funds to have the very first manufacturing unit in Mumbai, namely ‘PVC HOUSE’. He shortly established himself as a tough competitor to the markets leaders then. In the first year itself he offered the highest (250) range of products ever in the PVC business.

In 1988, he brought in a wide range of PVC Agri Fittings such as Coupler, Tee, Elbow and End Cap. Initially, the head quarter was at ‘Amar House’ and as the business grew it was moved to ‘Prince House’ at Mumbai with a huge manufacturing unit at Athal (Silvassa) in 1995.

With the upward pointing graph of success Mr. Chheda got deep rooted in the PVC Products manufacturing business and spread the business by opening manufacturing units at Dadra on 9th July, 2000, at Haridwar (Uttarakhand) on 16th July, 2008 and at Bhuj (Kutch, Gujarat) in December 2009.

On 22nd October, 2008 PRINCE PIPES AND FITTINGS LTD. took over Trubore Piping Systems, a leading brand functioning at the south section and overseas.

Trubore Piping Systems has its Manufacturing plants at Shinoli (Kolhapur) and Chennai. Presently, with these six manufacturing plants PRINCE PIPES AND FITTINGS LTD. PVT. LTD. tops the PVC Business in India.

Head Office and Manufacturing Units:

Headquartered at Dadar (West) in Mumbai, PRINCE PIPES AND FITTINGS LTD. has its Branch offices in Delhi, Kolkata; having manufacturing plants at Athal (Silvassa), Dadra, Bhuj (Kutch, Gujarat) & Haridwar (Uttarakhand). Nevertheless, by conquering Trubore manufacturing units at Shinoli (Kolhapur) and Chennai, PRINCE PIPES AND FITTINGS LTD. has achieved the prowess of success with tentatively, 90,000 MTPA as total manufacturing.

Our people working together has its rewards
There is no greater asset to an Organization than the people who work there. At PRINCE PIPES AND FITTINGS LTD., every individual has played their part in the company’s success. From the diligent employees who have helped put PRINCE on a pedestal, to our trustworthy team of managers, they from the backbone of our company. But one name that stands above the rest is that of Mr. Jayant Chheda, Chairman and Managing Director, a creative thinker responsive to changing markets, an individual driven by ethical values and a perfect blend of a democratic and dedicated leader. These are the virtues that led the PRINCE brand being synonymous with quality, durability and strength.

Accompanying him on the journey to success are three able and hard-working Directors, Mr. Parag Chheda – joint managing Director, Mr. Vipul Chheda – Director and Mrs. Heena Chheda – Vice President Finance. They have already proven their mettle with their meticulous planning paying fruitful dividends. In their hands, the company’s future truly looks bright and bold.