Raj Narayanaswamy
Co-founder & Co-CEO

As Chief Executive Officer, Raj Narayanaswamy is responsible for executing the company's strategic goals and leading corporate initiatives. With more than 25 years of software development and senior management experience, Mr. Narayanaswamy is widely recognized for his visionary approach in developing innovative software applications that meet the needs of leading enterprise organizations. Mr. Narayanaswamy has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai-India, and is an active member of the high-tech business community.

Lakshmi Raj
Co-founder & Co-CEO

In her position as Co-Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Raj is focused on strategic initiatives for Replicon's global operations, including market share expansion, revenue generation, and worldwide sales activities. Ms. Raj has extensive experience in web-based marketing. She was instrumental in providing global visibility for Replicon's product. Prior to starting Replicon, she worked as a software engineer for Verity (formerly known as FTP Canada). Ms. Raj holds degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

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Project Billing Overview for Replicon's Web TimeSheet