About Us

The Sanmar Group has set a benchmark for global partnerships in niche technology areas. It is headquartered in Chennai, India. The Sanmar Group is a US $ 1 billion global conglomerate with an asset base in excess of US $ 1.5 billion and a presence in about 25 businesses, with manufacturing units spread over numerous locations in India and abroad. Characterized by strong and conservative financial practices, the Group has a track record of steady growth and consistent excellence in business.

The Group has significant or majority holdings in all its businesses. These businesses are grouped and managed in industry segments as follows:

– Chemicals (including Specialty Chemicals)
– Engineering Technologies (Products and Steel Castings)
– Shipping

Professionally Managed
The Sanmar Group’s businesses are professionally managed, thanks to the Group’s ability to attract, motivate and retain high-calibre staff. Ownership and management have been separated through a series of top level initiatives, including the formation of a broad based, empowered Group Corporate Board, which oversees all businesses, including strategies and policies. Professional Managing Directors manage the businesses, with highly qualified managers working under them.

Group Strengths
The Sanmar Group has over four decades of experience in running and managing a large industrial organisation with multiple businesses.

The Group’s innate strengths include:

– The ability to source, assimilate and apply complex technologies in different fields.

– Leading edge HR practices and a reputation as a preferred employer

– A high level of IT integration with an SAP ERP platform across businesses

– A global outlook highlighted by successful JVs with world leaders, and a high level of cross border trade and now successful acquisitions of businesses overseas to achieve transcontinental presence.

– Strategic forward and backward integration – combined with prudent financial management- has been responsible for the Group’s steady progress and the leading positions in the different industry segments in which it is present.

Some of the core values that distinguish the Group are:
– Unyielding adherence to ethical values and practices
– Rigorous performance culture
– Wide ranging social responsibility initiatives
– Investments in environment-friendly measures going far beyond statutory requirements.