Why Join Us

A work culture to die for:

Why join us? We may say healthy compensation packages. We may say first rate reward & recognition programs. We may also say employee engagement policies that multiply your talent and skills manifold. But there isn’t one reason to join us. The reasons are all of these and many. For a professional who loves challenges and wants to grow personally with the company, Sun Life is the place to be.

Sun Life is much more than just a financial services providing company. It is an idea, a revolutionary one at that. The idea is to transform the lives of the people who we welcome into our fold. This idea does not just form the basis of our company agenda and ethics but is also central to our company’s work philosophy. Sun not only shines in the lives of our customers, but alsoin the professional lives of our employees.

Our employees form close knits groups and teams which are further strengthened by strong cross team bondings. The work ideology of the company is to take everyone ahead together. Commitment to the betterment of your co-worker is a key philosophy that we engrain in the minds of our employees. They live together, work together and overcome not only their own but each others’ shortcomings together. This is what makes the company greater than the sum total of its parts.

The work culture is the best you will find anywhere in the world. We focus on positives and we believe in encouraging. Sun Life offers a work culture you may give your tooth and nail for.


Retention is the best policy:

We focus on retention. In an industry bedeviled with high rates of attrition, Sun Life’s employees stick to the company. We promote the idea of sustainable careers and the employees are receptive of it. This is a glowing testimony to our employee engagement and talent management programs. Our employees become an inalienable part of the company and its building blocks, rather than just being mechanical workers.

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