Discovery Chemistry Services

Syngene offers contract research services for both small and large molecules across the drug discovery chain with expertise in providing full spectrum of services from discovery to commercialization. We specialize in developing high value organic molecules through multi step synthesis involving diverse and complex chemistries. We have over a decade experience in handling medicinal chemistry and library synthesis projects.

Medicinal Chemistry

We have state-of-the-art facilities to identify, prepare compounds and elucidate the structure of synthesized molecule in order to ascertain their purity.
– Hit to Lead Generation
– Lead to Lead Optimization 
– Preclinical Development

Library Synthesis

We have acquired considerable experience in making over a hundred solid and solution phase library sets for our clients.
– Quantity:
   • 2-10 mg for Solid phase
   • 25 – 50 mg for Solution phase
– Peptides
– Scaffold & building blocks
– Library design

Process Development / Custom Synthesis Services

Syngene provides a complete spectrum of Process Research & Development (PRD) from route scouting to process validation around the Globe. We are experienced in manufacturing NCE, API and Intermediates at gm to multi kg scale level.

Syngene’s PRD services undertake exclusive and confidential contract research projects of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Syngene is also experienced in impurity profiling and stability studies. The above mentioned services are capable as standalone infrastructure as well as a support to the manufacturing unit.


Analytical Services

Syngene is global service provider of analytical activities. We develop analytical methods, validate and verify or improve existing methods for the analysis of a wide range of active compounds. We offer customized analytical chemistry testing and structure elucidation to our clients across the globe.

Polymer Chemistry & Catalysis Services

Monomers to Polymers – From Scratch to Product
Syngene has undertaken conversion of monomer to polymer research programs for over 3 years resulting in an extensive catalog of highly specialized monomers and polymers. Our widespread data-center of techniques of polymerization and formulation allows us to effectively produce custom tailored macromolecules aiding R&D and reducing the time to market for new applications.


– Poly lactic acid copolymers through radical polymerization technique
– Polyamines through latest ATRP technique
– Poly oxanorbornenes through ring opening metathesis technique

Specialty Polymers

– Poly esters through condensation polymerization technique
– Poly isoprenes through anionic polymerization technique
– Poly dienes through post polymerization technique
– Poly acrylate through RAFT/ ATRP/ Radical Routes

Scale of Operation

Syngene is the manufacturer of choice for companies who need biopolymers and specialty polymers with extensive production capabilities
– Gram scale to Kg scale
– Process development
– Toll manufacturing (GMP & Non- GMP)

Biology Services

Syngene provides a broad spectrum of molecular and cellular biology capabilities to accelerate drug discovery and research. We work with global clients in partnership to ensure efficient and high quality research in recombinant DNA technology, protein chemistry, cell line development and validation, hybridoma generation and antibody development. Our compound screening capabilities span from biochemical to cell-based functional assays in therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, anti infective, CNS, inflammation, genetic disorders and oncology.

Molecular Biology Services

– Recombinant DNA technology, including complex cloning and mutagenesis
– Gene Library construction and screening
– Strain engineering
– Gene expression in bacteria, yeast, insect and mammalian cell lines
– Protein Sciences
   • Protein expression, purification(microgram to gram level) and Characterization
   • Protein crystallography


– Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
– Resistance development and Mutation detection studies

Cell Line Development

– Transient and stable expression for recombinant protein production
– Stable cell line generation for assay development and validation

Antibody Generation

– Hybridoma generation in rats and mice
– Recombinant antibody development
– Polyclonal antibody generation in rabbits

Assay Biology

– Biochemical and cell-based assays for compound screening
– Assay development and validation
– Multimode readout in automated 96/384 well format

Biologics Services

Syngene offers integrated capabilities for the development and manufacture of Biologics. With a long standing tradition of quality and service, Syngene works with global clients to ensure efficient and cost effective manufacturing, process development and scale up production of biopharmaceuticals for research, development, preclinical studies and Phase I & II Clinical trials.

Our Capabilities

– Clone Development
– Process Development & Optimization
– Scale-up and technology transfer
– Pilot Scale Production (cGMP)
– Quality Control
– Quality Assurance
– Analytical method development
– Biopharmaceutical Stability

Pre-clinical Services

Syngene is global provider of preclinical activities and tailored research models to accelerate drug discovery and development. Incorporated in 1994, and presently enjoying a preferred CRO status with top seven global Pharmaceutical companies, Syngene has the relevant expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to carry out efficacy, safety and toxicity studies to meet client specific requirements.

In vitro ADME/ DMPK

– Aqueous solubility & Stability
– Permeability & Efflux
– Metabolic stability and CyP450 assays
– Plasma Protein Binding
– Cell Cytotoxicity and hERG assay (using patch clamp)
– In vivo PK in rodents
– Bioanalytical support (LCMS/ MS)

Efficacy Disease Models

– Metabolic Disorders
– Inflammation
– Autoimmune disorders
– Inflammatory Bowel Disease
– Cancer


– Single/ Repeat Dose Toxicity
– Genotoxicity
– Reproduction and Developmental toxicity
– Clinical and Histopathology