Pre Interview

Once a client has chosen to interview some, if not all of the candidates that we have recommended, each candidate will be requested to do their own research on the client.  In addition, we will invite them in for a meeting prior to their interview, in order to give them some tips and pointers in areas where we feel they need improving.  We will also give them a copy of the job brief and the CV that was sent to the client.


During the interview process, the candidates and our client are kept up to date with all developments and interview feedback is passed both ways, to ensure that there are no problems in the event of an offer being made.

Referencing procedure

Our internal procedures dictate that we must ensure at least one reference before the candidate starts and ideally the candidate should be fully referenced before he or she commences employment. In the unlikely event that we are unable to obtain references on the candidate before he/she starts, our clients will be informed and made aware of this.