Recruitment process

V2B Overseas Pvt Ltd. uses a fully relational database that has recently been implemented, and is considered to be amongst the most advanced recruitment software available in the market.  The system allows us to clearly match suitable candidates to live jobs, and we have a matching methodology in broad terms, which is as follows:

Clear Job Specification

Consultants must understand the essence of the job that they are recruiting for – they must know the essentials of the role, and why they are essential requirements. In addition, consultants need to understand the desirable requirements and the reasons why these points are desirables and not essentials.

Technical Search

Consultants are encouraged to start their database search initially by doing a ‘skills’ search, matching the candidates technical skills to the essential requirements. This should then provide a shortlist of potential candidates.

Personality Search

Having made a shortlist of potential candidates (this list can be any number from four to twenty), each candidate will be spoken to and assessed to make sure that their personality fits the company culture and environment.  Once these competencies have been satisfied, consultants will forward the final selection of appropriate candidates – normally between three to five people.