Why choose

Honesty & Integrity

As a ‘human resources broker’ the recruitment agency must always act with the client and candidates best intentions at all times.  The focus of our business should be on service deliverables and meeting people’s expectations.  At V2B OVERSEAS we have a very strong Code of Ethics, which has been in place for over years, and governs our business practices.

The quality of the CV’s

Ensuring line managers receive suitable CV’s for the vacancies. At V2B overseas Pvt Ltd 90% of our staff come from within industry and specialize in their areas of recruitment – thus ensuring a high quality recruitment service. This also encourages fast response times, as each consultant knows his own client and candidate base very well.

Volume of candidates

It is essential you have confidence in your recruitment agency, in that they are able to deliver a suitable number of candidates for the position available. This includes ensuring the recruitment agency is able to select and shortlist two to four appropriate candidates for the line manager to meet.