Our Value Proposition

Why should I join Vodafone?
What should I expect when I join Vodafone?
Is this the right change for me?

At Vodafone, we believe in providing our people with careers that enrich them- personally as well as professionally. We encourage our people to strengthen their skills, express their expertise, stretch their limits, and get rewarded fairly for their achievements. Besides this, you get an opportunity to work with the best minds spread across the world who share a common passion- that of delighting our customers. Vodafone isn’t just world’s leading telecommunications company, we are also a home for the community of 1,00,000+ positively engaged employees.

At Vodafone our people have discovered that they have the power to create success stories. We realise that when we unlock the power of Vodafone brand, and allow our people to be at their best, we give us the best chance to become the best in the business. That’s why we believe that we’re at our best, when you’re at yours.

What you get: We are at our best
Industry leading company that empower people to shape their world Vodafone is world’s leading telecommunications company with 400 million customers worldwide, presence in 26 markets, and serving customers in more than 100 markets. Even today, we connect families and businesses for the first time.
Mobile for good We encourage our people to use the power of our technology to make a difference to communities and societies we work in.
World of opportunities Whether you are starting your career, or are steadily rising up the ranks- we offer you unique opportunities to challenge your limits and spread your wings.
Exceptional work, exceptionalpeople We take pride in our people and provide them opportunities to excel at a professional and personal level.
What you give: When you are at yours
Deliver great results At Vodafone, we closely link your rewards to the results you deliver. This is the reason why our people are expected to push their limits to be admired by our customers and stakeholders.
Live the Vodafone Way Speed, simplicity, and trust are the key values that are ingrained in everyone working at Vodafone. Till date, more than 100 people at Vodafone have been chosen as Vodafone Way Global Heroes for living those values.
Drive to keep growing While Vodafone as an organisation has kept growing, we have also let our people grow along with. More than 45% of our senior executives have risen through the ranks to occupy leadership roles.
Always doing what’s right Policies and controls at Vodafone are designed to help you work and excel in an unbiased and safe environment. So the only thing you need to focus upon is your own performance and nothing else. We expect our people to always do what’s right.