About Us

Everyone wants to use energy more efficiently; by monitoring and reporting consumption, we at Secure, empower people to make a real difference by reducing the energy they use. This helps them to reduce their impact on the environment and to safeguard energy supplies.

“Our meters and solutions are smart, allowing energy suppliers to engage users through a pragmatic and responsible use of technology.”

By working together, the national carbon footprint is reduced; with everyone making small adjustments, we make a big difference overall.

A desire to identify customer needs and map them to a solution is what drives us to develop and deliver innovative and appropriate solutions. Our customers identify with this and want to work with us. Whilst working together, we look beyond present solutions to those that address the problems of the future. Our approach with you our customers, is to develop a responsible long term relationship with you, in order to drive forward together towards energy consciousness.

To deliver the best to our customers we work proactively with our suppliers and other stakeholders. Only through partnering with all our stakeholders, can we give our best in quality, in technology and deliver all this in time.