If you ask our employees, “What is SOTI all about?” They will all say the same thing; growth, innovation and fun.

Growth is part of everything we do at SOTI. Over the last three years, the company has doubled in size and opened offices around the world. At the same time, SOTI is serious about supporting the personal and professional growth of its employees. A dedicated training budget, Mentoring, Lunch and Learns and formalized goal setting help employees become better at their jobs and achieve new heights.

At SOTI we reward innovation and expect you to disrupt the status quo. We want you to think outside the room that the box is sitting in. The new SOTI Research Innovation Lab (SOTI-RIL) and the SOTI India office help drive the company’s amazing innovation and award-winning product development.
Work / life balance is important at SOTI. Of course, we want you to work hard, but we want you to have fun doing it. We invest in all the latest gadgets, tools and technology to help our teams be productive and have fun while they do it.

We do our best to make sure this happens by creating an engaging work environment with games, contests and lots of amazing company events such as full day picnics and our annual holiday parties. At SOTI, you have to try hard NOT to have fun.

Employee Feedback and Testimonials

Imagine every day starting with a new challenge, new things to do & you are learning things as well. This is how the mobility space is & working at SOTI, I get to experience all of this. It’s been almost 2 years & each day brings a new challenge, new opportunity, to work on with great leaders & colleagues. Management is reachable & listen to what we have to suggest for improving things on product & the company. Amazing work ethics & friendly people!!!
Lavesh Verma, Quality Assurance Manager

In SOTI, I am exposed to new roles in which I learn new technologies, contribute to a diverse range of areas and accept new, exciting challenges. SOTI continues to enable unique career experiences. Each day, I look forward to the camaraderie and friendly competition on the collections floor. We frequently share our best practices and concentrate on expanding our combined knowledge base.

At SOTI I value working with Development and Operations team, I am thankful for the strong, supportive relationship I have been able to develop with them.
Vivek Rathore, Team Lead, Quality Assurance

It is incessant effort and focused hard -work which has brought SOTI to the level it stands at today. The journey to being a market leader was not easy and did not happen overnight. It was a continuous effort, bringing together the best minds and building an empire of mobility. I feel proud to look back at the journey we have taken to reach where we are today. The journey from a small office to having built an empire as big as SOTI has been challenging as well as fulfilling. Our leaders and their teams have done a tremendous job overcoming the hurdles/challenges and paving the path for SOTI to reach such heights. It gives one immense joy and happiness to be a part of such a fast growing company and get a chance to witness and be part of the daily hustle.
Growth and continuous Innovation are of utmost significance to our work-culture, and when you mix this with a periodic dose of fun, it creates a perfect balance for any individual experience.
Parveen Prachi – Sr Quality Assurance Specialist

Defeat is finite, while failure is not. Now let’s talk about an organization which want their employees to succeed every day in every aspect of their cut-out job. How much is the scope of failure in such a scenario? None, you might say. Well the reason for writing this para today is to tell you that I was as much a pessimist as you are. Till I joined SOTI. They embrace failure as much as the success. Vertical switch, domain change or technical switch within an organization is frowned upon elsewhere but here we are encouraged to pursue our passion and zeal to learn new technologies. As an organization working on war footing 24/7, it is very difficult to forgo your resources, even short-term. But SOTI values an employee’s growth as much as the deliverables.
To share my experience, I was working as a Hybrid Mobile Application Developer and was quickly allowed to learn Native languages for mobile development. I believe, I just mentioned my wish to work on Native Techology to my then manager over a cup of tea. Within a few months I was assigned to a pure Native project and since have not looked back on learning. Although, the higher management knew that I might fail more than the seasoned developer already working in that domain, but as I said before, people in SOTI are not afraid of failure. I was given ample room to grow and so were many others like me. One drawback of the whole thing, I had to let go of the awesome seat I had beside the window while working in my previous project, but then it was all totally worth it.
Saptarshi Chakraborty – Software Developer

I have been working with SOTI for two and a half years now and since then it has been an integral part of my life. I have seen a tremendous growth in myself throughout this journey. SOTI offers a healthy environment and freedom to leverage my experience in the work I do. It strives to provide a culture that allows its employees the freedom to learn, experiment, solve, grow and lead. It encourages self-starters to shape their own future by getting involved in the organization beyond their assigned roles. It provided me with a firm structural foundation to be an independent, confident and diverse professional. My work presents a new challenge for me every day which helps in infusing confidence in me and this eventually helped me in playing a pivotal role in various products which are running fantastically now. Working at SOTI has been a great experience.
Saurabh Jain – Product Manager

SOTI, as an organization offers great work-life balance. The friendly environment over here not only helps the employees in going about their tasks in the most innovative manner, it also helps an individual in developing a freedom of thought. Working in such a healthy work culture has definitely helped me turn up in ease with people around me – both professionally as well as personally.
Vibhu Kinger – Team Lead, Automation

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