NIRANJANA DEVI, Business Unit Head, BU03, Gurgaon

My Journey with THBS started on June 6th 2000. Not a day has gone by where I did not learn something. This quote from Confucius may sound like a cliché , but I have to say this as it is how I feel – you choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life. I made a choice to work for THBS 16 years back, and I have never looked back since then. Learn, participate, collaborate, contribute, have fun in all this, learn again – This has been pretty much how the 16 years have gone by! My company is cool!

PRIYANKA MUNDRA, Associate Project Manager,BU04, Bangalore

I enjoy the freedom to work culture in Torry Harris, which gives me opportunity to explore and challenge myself every day. I have got opportunities to travel places round the world, work on various technologies, domains under experts guidance - which are the demands of a successful career. Grown and groomed in the THBS family for 9 years, I take pride in calling myself a “THBSian”.

PRABODH MITRA, Technical Lead, BU03, Gurgaon

It’s been a year working at THBS and looking back I feel it has made me realize my true potential.
Being a mid-size company there are challenges and so are opportunities.
Taking up those challenges have given me opportunities to grow in eyes of my client and my management.

KARTHIK T.S, Business Unit Head, COE, Bangalore

I started my career with Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS) as a software developer. I am currently heading the centre of excellence and drive the development of innovative products and frameworks. THBS gave me opportunities to work on a wide spectrum of technical and leadership roles in different geographies. It was an ideal platform for learning and growth, where talent is truly recognized and rewarded. In my 15-year career, I am very happy to have played different roles across business units in application development, QA, production support, team leadership, solution design and technical architecture. We have an open company culture with strong focus on performance based growth. I am delighted with the opportunities provided and looking forward to playing a key role in taking the company to new heights.

SUREJ S, Associate Technologist, BU03, Bangalore

When I look back to my first day of work 8.5 years ago, it brings a blissful smile on my face. My journey since then at Torry Harris has been an extremely satisfying and pleasing one.

During my tenure I went through various phases, ups & downs. But I always got the right guidance & learning to address any challenges. The company offered me an open and flexible work place with great corporate values.

I feel good to be a part of such a wonderful organization and look forward to continued growth with Torry Harris.

SUKESH SOMAN, Associate Project Manager, COE, Bangalore

I joined Torry Harris after working with two big IT companies. Its been 8 years now and what makes me stay here is the recognition and growth we get, as we are not just one among the crowd. Have seen many times that talent gets opportunity, growth is by merit and hard work gets rewarded. My managers have been helpful and supportive. Overall I am really happy with my personal and professional growth.

VIJAY UPADHYAY, Technologist, BU02, Bangalore

I have been working with THBS for the past 13 years. During this period I have got opportunities to work across different technology areas and domains. It's an extremely challenging experience with a lot of learning involved and accompanied by fun-filled environment. With an open culture to interact with Senior team members, share & implement new ideas makes it a great place to work.

SHREE LAKSHMI B.N, Project Manager, BU04, Bangalore

Torry Harris has been my first company for more than 13 years now. Have gone through many ups and down in work and personal in this journey, but I can firmly say that THBS has supported me at its best at all times. The work environment and freedom given at work are the main reasons that made me stick on till now and for sure for the years to come. Learning curve and end-to-end exposure most of us get here is might not be matched in most places.

SWATHI IDNANI, Senior Software Engineer, BU04, Gurgaon

Its been a wonderful journey so far for me with Torry Harris as a got the chance to work with dynamic leaders.

In this 1 year , I experienced different challenging situation and ways to tackle them.

People around me are quite helpful in nature which in turn makes me quite motivated towards my work and responsibility.

SANJAY MOHAN KULKARNI, Project Manager, BU02, Bangalore

I am delighted to work for THBS, a company which is focused on Niche & Leading Edge Technologies, Passionate about Customer Care and always willing to go Extra Mile to make the customers successful. Absolutely no hesitation in admitting that THBS it is like my second home - don't mean it in terms of working hours, but more in terms of wanting to go to work, be with my enterprising colleagues and help our clients be successful!