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TMI Group is one of the India’s largest Talent Acquisition & Talent Management network with operations across India and overseas partnerships in Middle East, South East Asia & Europe. It was started with a capital of US $ 1000 in 1988.

TMI Group today has grown to more than 1000 employees – 300 on permanent rolls, 100+ tele-commuters & 1000+ on staffing rolls, working across 10 locations & serving over 400 corporates, 100+ campuses & more than 6,50,000 candidate relationships.

  • ✦ TMI Group is India’s Largest Recruitment Advertising Agency, Member Agency of the Findly Group
  • ✦ One of the leading Search & Selection company
  • ✦ Leader in end-to-end Learning Solutions
  • ✦ Drivers for Women Enablement for career progression
  • ✦ Pioneer for the JOJOE (Jointly Owned Jointly Oriented Education) model for equal & fair employment opportunity
  • ✦ Members of Executive Recruiters Association
  • ✦ Winner of Recruitment Customer Relationship of the Year – APAC: Award for excellence by Human Resources Outsourcing Association
  • ✦ More than 6,50,000 Candidate Relationships ; Close to 400 Corporate Relationships; Presence on 100+ campuses
  • ✦ About 50 customer engagements at any point in time
TMI Network
TMI is one of the only Integrated HR So-lutions organisations in the country that offers under one umbrella, customer centric & customised solutions across recruitment, recruitment advertising, training, employer branding, e-learning, & content & knowledge development spectrum.

Our clients cut across geographies. We cater to the best of Indian & Multinational companies. Most of our clients have enjoyed a long-standing relationship of over five years with us – an indication of mutual trust & our delivery capabilities.


  • ✦ Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • ✦ Consulting
  • ✦ Executive Search (Leadership Hiring)
  • ✦ IT Staffing
  • ✦ Non IT Staffing
  • ✦ Summer Rain—An Employer Branding Initiative


TMI Network

C & K Management
The core business of C&K Management (C is for Content & K is for Knowledge) is to help corporates & individuals build ‘competencies’. We believe that ‘self-learning’ & ‘blended learning’ are the keys to creating learning organisations & to continuous career growth. C&K is India’s largest player in the Information Content (IC) industry. We are in the business of thoroughly studying & analysing content online, converting it into actionable knowledge that meets the need of corporate & academic markets in India, the Middle East & the US. C&K Management Ltd. is promoted by C&K has pioneered the concept of online knowledge & skill upgradation in India. It was the first organisation to create & manage large repositories of researched content using a proprietary “content factory” methodology.

C&K Management brings 400 man-years of expertise in content development for varied learner profiles.


  • ✦ Assessments
  • ✦ IGURU
  • ✦ e-learning & ILT


C & K Management

TMI e2E Academy
Approximately 2 million graduates pass out every year, of which only 20% to 25% are employable “as is where is”. The rest join the rank of active job seekers & are often frustrated by repeated rejections during interview & selection process because of the mismatch between corporate sector expectations & poor skill-set of the job seeker. The paradox – on the one hand there is a huge demand of graduates in corporate India, on the other hand unemployment in this segment is one of the biggest issues staring us in the face! TMI has developed a unique model called the JOJOE Model or Jointly Owned Job Oriented Education Model which pre-tests candidates before they enroll & pay a part of the course fee. The other part is paid by the corporate when the candidate joins. The candidates’ contribution is also returned to the candidate as a retention bonus at the end of 18 months employment with the company. Thus there is a retention hook built into the model.


  • ✦ Youth Employability Service (YES)
  • ✦ Sourcing
  • ✦ Jobs Dialog
  • ✦ Special Projects
  • ✦ Training & Delivery


C & K Management

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