About Us

With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 47.800 employees, and external revenue of 7.1 billion euros (2015), T-Systems is one of the world leading providers of information and communication technology (ICT). Drawing on a global infrastructure of data centres and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. A digitise, connected economy harbours tremendous security risk and thus corporate demand for security solutions and encryption technologies is increasing. In response to these developments, T-Systems focuses on three major product categories, which are reflected in its organization: IT, telecommunications and selected digital growth areas. T-Systems offers a full spectrum of conventional ICT services.

Who we are looking for
T-Systems has restarted its Offshore Delivery Centre in Pune to provide support to its global client in Cloud Computing, Test Factory, and AMS services on various Enterprise applications and is seeking candidates with high level of energy and who aspire to work in a new start up organization having no boundaries for creativity and excellence. We are looking for co-workers who can think outside the box and who are willing to explore unusual avenues. We want persuasive, outstanding individuals with a superior service orientation who are prepared to look at things from different angles and question the status quo. You are a team player and you will bring curiosity and enthusiasm to the job. Apply now!

Our Culture
Diversity shapes the way we act

Diversity is a key driver for change in our corporate culture – and at the same time our contribution to true appreciation and respect in society. At the moment key issues in the Group include, above all, gender, work-life balance, age and ethnic origin.

We follow five Guiding Principles that shape the way we think and act within the Group. They represent our values and define what we stand for, how we work together and what we believe. Respect and integrity, guide our behavior and we overcome challenges with team work.

Our entry options
There are ways to join us at every level, so there are career opportunities for everyone, from those just starting working life through to executives. Our offer includes vocational training, study programs or launch of a professional career based on work experience. For us, lifelong learning is no buzz-word, because we offer our employees development opportunities and training courses throughout their working lives. We support anyone who wants to change, this also includes executives and experts to whom we offer targeted training and development programs. Anyone who has always wanted to experience a different culture and different ways of working in a different country can achieve their ambition with us – international assignments make it possible.

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