About Us

Markit is a leading, global financial information services company.

Markit delivers over 40 products and services designed to reduce risk, enhance transparency and improve operational efficiency. We combine industry expertise with leading technology to provide solutions to our customers’ and the industry’s issues.
With over 20 offices worldwide, Markit is trusted by more than 3,000 institutions across the financial markets. Our customers include investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, central banks, regulators, auditors, fund administrators and insurance companies.


Our Information division provides indices, pricing data, reference data and analytical tools for a wide range of asset classes and markets. Our products and services enable our customers to price instruments, value portfolios and manage risk. They also aid compliance with regulatory requirements.
Our Processing division provides processing solutions for OTC derivatives, FX, syndicated loans and Know Your Customer documentation. Our services enable financial institutions to streamline workflow, connect to counterparties more effectively and comply with regulatory requirements.
Our Solutions division provides customised technology platforms and managed services that help customers capture and analyse information, manage risk and meet regulatory requirements. The division also provides customers with end-to-end website solutions.

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